diced! voting is officially open.

hi there pmk readers, the moment of truth has come!

voting for the diced! competition on Rantings of an Amateur Chef is officially open for business.  if you guys have the time (and feel like supporting a meager poor man in his grand dream to become the creme de la creme of internet chefs), swing on by the poll and cast your vote for my recipe, inverted mini-cumberland pies.

thanks again for the support, everybody.


a few new recipes on pmk!

are your coworkers complaining about your grumbling stomach?  then do yourself a solid and check out some of the new recipes in the pmk recipe archive!

ketchup rice

simple, tasty, and one of the cornerstone recipes of japanese elementary school home economics classes.  now you can finally use that leftover rice.

kitsune udon

a dashi based soup, nice thick flour noodles, and a plethora of excellent garnishes make this recipe the be all end all of cold remedies.  next time you are feeling a little under the weather, whip up and batch and feel the illness melt away.

konnyaku steak

it’s wiggly, it’s cheap, and it tastes like a well marinated steak.  what is not to like about that?  konnyaku makes for an awesome appetizer or snack food, and it can be a great alternative to meat for those of us that are less carnivorous.

frittata (poor man’s style)

those veggies looking a little wilty?  if you have eggs, it is just about frittata time.  saute your veggies with some bacon, smother them with a few eggs scrambled, and finish the whole ordeal off in the oven.  you won’t regret it.

beloit bagel+

a breakfast sandwich fit for a king.  remember, the trick is the egg square.

chilled miso soup w/ seared skipjack sashimi

hot miso is great.  but sometimes, you just need a good, cool, refreshing soup that is chock-full of umami.  this recipe, with its copious garlic, thinly sliced skipjack tuna garnish, and toasted sesame, is the solution to your problem.

tofu and avocado soup

mild, creamy, and easy as all heck to make.  serve it hot, serve it cold, serve it plain, serve it garnished.  it is all up to you.  with nothing but a good drizzle of sauce, this soup can take on whatever flavor profile you need when entertaining guests.

new recipes on pmk!

is that tummy grumbling?  don’t forget to check out some of the new recipes in the pmk recipe archive!

glass noodle salad

clear glass noodles seasoned ever so lightly, then tossed with julienned veggies of all sorts.  cucumber, daikon sprouts, onions, and a smattering of pork make this dish a magical summer lunch.

poor man’s cobb salad

because a poor man knows the real goal of any good salad is to put so much stuff on top you can’t even see the greens anymore.

roast veggie italian club

roasted eggplant and zucchini, pan-fried chicken, tomato-mayo, and lightly toasted french bread make for a big daddy of a sandwich.  your grape tomatos will never be lonely again.

the red club

it’s got home-cured bacon.  it’s got red cabbage.  it’s got red onions.  it’s got red bell pepper relish.  starting to see a trend?

red bell pepper, garlic, and bechamel crostini

fried garlic?  cream sauce?  red bell peppers?  pork crisped to perfection?  if any of that sounds good, get ready for a beast of an appetizer.

smoked chicken, shiso pesto, and shiitake crostini

smoky.  herby.  fresh.  your toast will thank you when it is all over.

smoked salmon, avocado, and onion crostini

delicious doesn’t mean complex.  if you find the right flavors, just a few ingredients can make a great appetizer.  salmon, avocado, and onion just happen to be three such ingredients.

if you have any grumbles, praise, or comments, feel free to leave your two cents at the bottom of the recipe page.  happy cooking!

tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays with pmk.

as i was viewing the archives of pmk, it dawned on me that i have not the slightest semblance of a schedule when it comes to blogging.  and while i don’t normally consider stream-of-consciousness, disorganized dissemination of information to be problematic, it occurred to me that a blog without a schedule could be difficult for readers to check out with any regularity.  after all, we busy bees have stuff to do (e.g. sleeping, working, eating, cooking, and/or using the restroom).

and so, for the sake of readability and protecting my overworked widdle fingers, i have decided to post regularly on tuesday, thursday, and sunday nights at around 10:00 pm my time (8 am central standard time in the usa).  the occasional post might slip in on an odd day now and again, but i’m going to do everything within my power to stick to the schedule.

stop in when you get the time, a feel free to shoot me a message if you have something you want to see me cook or a recipe you loved.

take it easy, and happy cooking.