chicken, dressed to the nines.

if you hadn’t already guessed, it is sauce week in the poor man’s kitchen.  which means yesterday, i went out and bought myself a few cheap plastic sauce bottles and committed myself to making at least nine sauces this week.  but i can’t go about just drinking sauces out of the bottle, now can i?  i mean, i suppose i could, but i’m not so sure i would want to.

so instead, by taking mister mcgee’s lesson to heart, my plan is to make three meals this week which each highlight three sauces.  the goal of each of these meals is to take three pieces of a single food, prepared in exactly the same way, and by applying a different sauce to each, create three distinct and independently delicious flavors.

last night, chicken breasts were my sauce vectors.

i purchased three chicken breasts, butterflied them, cooked them in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then subjected them to my first three sauces of the week.  and i even had two insane canadians over to my house to share in the bounty.

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curry, back to back.

i make curry well, which is to say that i don’t give up and just add the normal ingredients.  i pride myself on making curries with unconventional flavor combinations and, more than anything, a little something to mix up the texture.  my two best are by far the sweet and spicy kabocha curry and my savory tomato curry.  in a fit of impatience, i decided to plate them together, side by side, and the result was surprisingly fantastic even after they began to mix.