and then countless recipes sprang out of the woodwork.

i’ve been posting and cooking, and cooking and posting, and drinking coffee, and then cooking and posting some more.  occasionally, i even sleep.

but that archiving stuff, i’ve been neglecting that.

and so, in one fell swoop, i’ve decided to upload a boatload of recipes that have been skulking menacingly on the hard drive of my computer.

give them a quick once over if you have time, and should you feel the need, try cooking them once or twice and tell me what you think.  constructive criticism only makes us better, and i could certainly do with a little improvement.

from russia with love.

nine hours spent making an innumerable amount of the same food whilst standing up at a tiny kitchen counter builds character.  plus, when you are finished, there was never a human being more deserving of a glass of vodka and bowl filled with russian-style meat dumplings (garnished with homemade sour cream and dried dill of course).