pork and kimchi: beer’s best friends.

i’ll admit it.  there are times when i don’t really feel like spending an hour or two making a spread large enough to feed the russian army.  sometimes i just want to cook something quick and easy, and in this weather, the less i use the stove the better.

yesterday was one of those lazy days, and i found myself with an abundance of kimchi on my hands.  while normally i would default to kimchi hot pot (one of my favorite autumnal foods in japan), the “hot” part of hot pot didn’t sound that appealing in the 34ºc heat.  instead, i decided to go for something with which i could enjoy an ice-cold beer.

and as soon as i thought the words “ice cold beer,” buta-kimchi sprang to mind.

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kimchi: the anti-ketchup.

man, i have to say that the last time i made kimchi was so long ago that i forget that i had even done it.  but thankfully, an insane canadian couple that lives on the same glorious peninsula (who also regularly lent me their kitchen to make a mess of) documented the whole experience.  and it was only until yesterday that they kept these photos locked up in the proverbial vaults.  leave it to those canadian camera enthusiasts.

honestly, just looking at these photos makes me want to give it a second go.