they see me rollin’ (harumaki), they hatin’.

if you are from the united states, you know all about things that are rolled up and fried.  as kids, i’m pretty sure we all had that obligatory eggroll now and again that got thrown into your meal of delivery chinese food for free.  honestly, i only ever had one, because the first time i ate it i decided that i freaking hate eggrolls.  yeah, they are crispy and deep-fried, but that is where the deliciousness ends.  they don’t have any good sauces to go with them, the insides are soggy and weird, and they basically just taste like lightly seasoned cabbage.

in short, there is a reason they give them away for free with a lot of chinese food.  and that is because, when mass-produced, they aren’t very good.

but i’m not a stubborn man.  i’m always ready and willing to have my opinion changed.  and when it comes to deep-fried rolled foods, it was my time in japan that ultimately changed my mind.  although i modified it to make it slightly my own, i can’t lay claim to this recipe.  my buddy ben, who is currently doing what i do only in russia, showed me the elegant simplicity of fried spring rolls while we were both studying abroad in japan during our college years.  thanks dude, i owe you one.

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