cooking just gets miso hot sometimes.

whoever decided to call this stuff “fermented bean paste” clearly had no concept of what sounds appetizing and what does not.  if i were asked on the street, “excuse me, would you like a bowl of fermented bean paste soup?”, you can bet your butt i would say no.  but “miso soup”?  i would be all over that like white on rice.

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appetizer, salad, and a pasta.

there is something about eating meals in courses that i just can’t explain.  obviously, part of the fun is that you get to cook more than you ever would just making one dish, but the ability to combine a variety of flavors over a period of time instead of in a single dish is really what draws me to it i think.

today’s dinner was exquisite.  torigara tofu, reishabu, and kimchi karashi-mentaiko spaghetti were exactly what i needed tonight, and i really spared no time or effort in making the presentation great.  especially my reishabu.  man, i’m getting good at that.

the greatest part of my meal tonight was that, all in all, none of the food was really that hard to cook.  the assembly was a little tricky, but more than anything all three of the dishes were an exercise in combining flavors that go well together in the appropriate amounts.  for instance, torigara tofu can’t be too salty, and if there is too much ginger the flavor of the garlic sprouts just don’t come through like they should.

needless to say, all three of these dishes will be waiting for you in the recipe section by the end of this week should you feel like trying your luck.

happy feasting!