ketchup rice

you’ll need:

  • leftover rice
  • ketchup
  • one or two cloves of garlic
  • about a quarter of an onion
  • half a chicken thigh
  • one or two small green peppers (a.k.a. piiman)
  • one or two shiitake mushrooms
  • salt and pepper
  1. peel both the onion and the garlic.  once you have removed the base from both cloves of garlic, mince your garlic and onion finely.  set them aside.
  2. cut the tops and bottoms off of your piiman, and dice them.
  3. wash your mushrooms, then remove the stems and slice them medium-thick strips.
  4. wash your chicken thigh, then pat it dry.  cut it into smaller than bite-sized pieces and sprinkle it with a little bit of salt and pepper (if you like).
  5. add some oil to a frying pan, and add your chicken.  cook the chicken over high heat and try to make sure the outside gets a good crisp to it.  allowing this chicken to sit (without stirring it constantly) will let this happen faster.
  6. while the chicken is cooking, add your garlic, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms.  allow them to cook over medium high heat while your chicken is cooking all the way through.
  7. once you chicken is done, add the leftover rice.  japanese rice has a tendency to be very very sticky when leftover, so you might need to break it up as it cooks or you will have big cold chunks of umixed rice in your final product.  a tiny bit of water can help with this, too.  just something you’ll need to be careful of.
  8. when the rice is heated, the chicken is done, and the veggies are soft, kill the heat.  add enough ketchup to the pan to color and slightly flavor the rice.  remember, there is lots of tastier stuff going on in this dish, so don’t overpower everything with a lethal dose of ketchup.
  9. dig in, and remember your younger days of school lunches, strange conversations, and silly face making.

note: this rice is super versatile.  it can be used as the filling for omuraisu, or it can be made into rice balls if you decide to take it for a picnic.  it also keeps for a few days if you want to use it in a lunch to take to the office.  also, feel free to play with the ingredients.  lots of veggies go well with this combo of flavors.  i love eggplant and okra in mine.

4 thoughts on “ketchup rice

  1. To make it easier, you can use
    – sliced “winner sausage” instead of chicken
    – frozen mixed vegetables
    (basically, you can use ANYTHING: left over vegetables/meats, a can of tuna etc..)
    And adding a few drops of soy sauce gives a layer of flavor.

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