sauces / spreads

five-spice chicken gravy

chicken gravy with a particularly chinese flare.  star anise and a liberal dose of five spice makes this sauce an ideal choice for any grilled meats you happen to have on hand.

garlic cream sauce

butter, white wine, heavy whipping cream, and a boat load of excellent spices combine to make a sauce great on fish or chicken.

hawaiian-style teriyaki

mirin, soy sauce, rice wine, and pineapple join together to make one of god’s gift to chicken thighs.


yogurt like you’ve never imagined it could be.  with a little bit of time, a package of cheese cloth, and a smattering of salt and spices, you can make a spread akin to homemade cream cheese.

red bell pepper cream sauce

great on sandwiches, great on pasta, and great on mahimahi.  red bell peppers give this sauce that zing that you need sometimes to wake yourself up from the humdrum of everyday food.

shiso pesto

pesto, only japanese.  garlic, olive oil, black pepper, and perilla.  what more could you ask for?

spicy dark chocolate mole

the freshness of tomato, the spiciness of hot peppers, and the sweet/bitter taste of dark chocolate.  forget ketchup, you have mole.

spicy mango sauce with fresh mint

fresh mango, heavy whipping cream, mint leaves, and garlic blended into a refreshing tropical sauce that goes swimmingly with fish.

tomato marsala sauce

tinges of curry and the freshness of tomatoes make this sauce a must have when a chicken breast is simmering in the frying pan.


minced cucumbers, garlic, yogurt, black pepper, lemon juice, and a little salt.  jeez, what perfectly amazing thing will greece think of next?

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