beloit bagel+

you’ll need:

  • four french rolls
  • half an onion
  • half a cucumber
  • shaved or thinly sliced ham
  • daikon sprouts (a.k.a. kaiware)
  • two eggs
  • japanese spider greens (a.k.a. mizuna)
  • an avocado
  • mayo
  • a good cheese (optional, but i tend to go for smoked cheeses or camembert)
  1. slice the rolls in half and pop them in the toaster oven.  don’t toast them yet, just get them ready.
  2. sharpen that knife, because it is veggie slicing time.  wash and slice the cucumber at an angle to create nice long ovals that will sit easily on a sandwich.
  3. split the avocado in half and remove the pit.  peel and slice each half at about 2mm thickness.
  4. wash the daikon sprouts, squeeze any excess water out of them, and slice off the root base.
  5. peel the onion and slice it as thin as you can possibly get it.
  6. cut the base off of your spider green and chop each bunch into one inch segments.
  7. put a little bit of oil in a frying pan and set your stove to medium high heat.  once the oil is hot enough, add your ham a few pieces at a time.  fried ham can be tricky sometimes, so do your best not to let natural oils burn.  while it is frying, prepare a few sheets of paper towels on a plate.  as each batch finishes, place it on the paper towels to soak up some of the extra oiliness.
  8. crack your eggs into a bowl, add a little bit of salt and pepper and a few spoons of water (or chicken stock), and scramble them.  put a few tablespoons of oil into a frying pan and bring it up to medium high to high heat.
  9. remember those rolls?  start a-toasting.
  10. when the oil is nice and hot, pour enough eggs to barely cover the bottom of the pan in.  it should bubble and cook through almost immediately.  put your cheese in the middle of the sheet of egg if you decided to include it.  use a spatula to fold the edges onto the center.  by the time you finish, the egg will probably be cooked though already.
  11. take your rolls out, spread a little bit of mayo in each side, and assemble the sandwich.  add your spider greens, egg square, avocado, onion, fried ham, and kaiware in that order.  serve with a few steamed/boiled sausages and a nice big mug of coffee, and you got yourself a breakfast any poor man can appreciate.

note:  this recipe makes four pretty big sandwiches.  you might need to save one or two for later if you don’t have company over for breakfast.


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