chopped spinach and chicken grinder

a gutted french loaf stuffed with chopped chicken, spinach, smoked cheese, and loads of garlic baked in a toaster oven.  punch some new holes in your belt, you are going to need them.

italian (non)beef

why use beef when you can use pork?  sauteed bell peppers and onions, thin pieces of italian-spiced pork, a little bit of mayo, and spinach make your average italian beef sandwich look like a mook.

roast veggie italian club

roasted eggplant and zucchini, pan-fried chicken, tomato-mayo, and lightly toasted french bread make for a big daddy of a sandwich.  your grape tomatos will never be lonely again.

the baekje triple

korean in burger form.  steamed mung bean sprouts, kimchi, and fresh onions perched atop three homemade burgers.  oh yeah, and a bun just so you don’t get your hands too dirty.

the red club

it’s got home-cured bacon.  it’s got red cabbage.  it’s got red onions.  it’s got red bell pepper relish.  starting to see a trend?

the voyager

three pieces of bread and every meat you have ever had a fantasy about.  smoked salmon, chicken, and fried ham get together with avocado, fried eggs, and spinach to make all your dreams come true.  so go get a bib.

the yamato triple

sesame dressing, two fried eggs, white onion, and daikon sprouts on top of a triple hamburger.  satisfaction from the faraway land of japan.

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