korean-style russian carrot salad

inspired by korea, popular in russia, and chock-full of vitamins.  if that doesn’t sound good, i don’t know what will.

glass noodle salad

clear glass noodles seasoned ever so lightly, then tossed with julienned veggies of all sorts.  cucumber, daikon sprouts, onions, and a smattering of pork make this dish a magical summer lunch.

goma-maguro salad

all sorts of sesame-themed ingredients give this creamy salad its nutty flavor.  green onions, white onions, tuna, cabbage, and daikon sprouts never looked so good.

guacamole (poor man style)

avocados.  we all know they are magical by themselves, but every once in a while, you should really make them shine.  and this guacamole recipe does just that.

poor man’s cobb salad

because a poor man knows the real goal of any good salad is to put so much stuff on top you can’t even see the greens anymore.


thinly-sliced chilled pork on top of a bed of mizuna greens.  garnish with onions, black pepper, and some grated daikon mixed with ponzu, and you have a summer treat that will have the dinner guests coming back for more.

salat olivier

who said salads can’t be hearty?  certainly not russians.  chicken, potatoes, peas, pickles, black pepper, and good old fashioned creamy russian dressing make this salad a rib-sticker.

sashimi salad

shiso, soy sauce, wasabi, spinach, and shiitake mushrooms make this salad both salty and fresh.  perfect for a quick snack before a big meal.

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