devocadoed eggs

IMG_0295let’s not fool ourselves.  deviled eggs are great, and second-to-none among comfort foods.  i’m pretty sure that everybody’s mom at some point in time made deviled eggs and let you lick the spoon.  and even if your mom didn’t, you probably lie about it and say that she did.  yeah, they are that good.

the sad truth is that deviled eggs, like most deviled foods, will kill you young.  if cholesterol wanted to be elected for government office, it would erect a giant billboard with a picture of deviled eggs, because it knows that people just can’t resist.

but, contrary to common belief (especially in the united states, russia, and japan), there are things in this world that can be used as a creamy thickener that are not mayonnaise.

enter avocado, savior of deviled egg lovers everywhere.

you’ll need:

  • an avocado
  • 6 to 8 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • cilantro
  • a splash of hot sauce (or red pepper)
  • a tiny bit of onion
  • one clove of garlic
  1. put some water in a pot and add a copious amount of salt.  add your eggs before the water starts to boil, especially if they are right out of the fridge.  bring to a strong boil over high heat, turn off the burner, cover, and let sit for 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. drain the water, put the eggs in a bowl filled with ice water, and set them aside in the fridge.
  3. mince the garlic and onion ridiculously fine.  they should basically be a paste when you are done.  add them to a small mixing bowl.
  4. once you think your eggs are chilled, remove them from the water and peel off the shells.
  5. use a very sharp knife to cut each egg in half lengthwise.  pop the hardened yolks into the bowl with the onion and garlic.
  6. split open your avocado and remove the pit.  use your knife the cube the flesh while still in the skin, and then scoop the insides out with a spoon into your egg-onion-garlic bowl.
  7. add hot sauce, black pepper, and salt.  mash until very smooth.
  8. use a spoon to transfer the mixture into a small sealable plastic bag.  squeeze out the air and seal.  roll the empty part of the bag so that the mixture is pushed towards the bottom.
  9. use a pair of scissors to cut off the very corner of the bottom of the bag.  what you are making right now is a poor man’s icing piper.  try to make your hole as small as possible, or the flow of filling will be nigh uncontrollable.
  10. place the open corner inside the crater that once held the yolk of the egg and squeeze with an even amount of pressure.  don’t move your hand.  as the egg fills, it will make a beautiful little rippling effect as the contents of the deviled egg expand outward.  repeat until no more eggs remain to be filled.
  11. finely dice or hand-shred some cilantro leaves, and carefully garnish each egg.

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