chilled tofu

also known as hiyayakko, this dish comes in so many different varieties that it will make your head spin.  my favorite involves the use of fresh ginger, garlic, green onions, a drizzle of soy sauce, and tofu (the star of the show).

devocadoed eggs

i love deviled eggs.  but with a filling comprised of half egg yolks and half mayonaisse, they aren’t exactly a feel-good food.  unless, of course, you use avocado as a substitute for the mayo.

garlic konnyaku stirfry

garlic chives, soy sauce, sesame oil, snow pea shoots, mung bean sprouts, and a little bit of spice make a dish that is both fresh and pretty darn good for you.

japanese fried spring rolls

ever what was inside when you crunched into that delicious, crispy, exterior?  it’s not as nebulous as you might think.  go get yourself some sweet chili sauce and loosen that belt.

osaka-style okonomiyaki

pancakes, only japanese and about one million times more delicious.  bust out the beer on this one.

red bell pepper, garlic, and bechamel crostini

fried garlic?  cream sauce?  red bell peppers?  pork crisped to perfection?  if any of that sounds good, get ready for a beast of an appetizer.

torigara tofu

an appetizer-sized portion of tofu surrounded by a golden chicken stock, garlic sprouts, and black pepper.  so fresh will smith would be jealous.

smoked chicken, shiso pesto, and shiitake crostini

smoky.  herby.  fresh.  your toast will thank you when it is all over.

smoked salmon, avocado, and onion crostini

delicious doesn’t mean complex.  if you find the right flavors, just a few ingredients can make a great appetizer.  salmon, avocado, and onion just happen to be three such ingredients.

washoku canapé

toast, sashimi, homemade cream cheese, and cucumber.  let’s be honest with ourselves, what’s not to like?

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