IMG_3664what would a cooking blog be without recipes?  well, it wouldn’t be much of a cooking blog at all, now would it?

so here they are, in all of their glory.  meats, salads, appetizers, and soups are the roughest possible ways i could categorize them, but i’m sure you’ll find now and again that the genres blend together quite nicely.

however, i will offer some words to the wise.  if you are looking for me to hold your hand and walk you through every recipe on this blog, pat you on the back when you’ve finished cooking, get you a bottle of warm milk, and tuck you in to beddy-by whilst crooning you a lullaby, you will be sorely disappointed.

the purpose of my recipes is to teach, not to provide opportunities for blind mimicry.  balancing flavors and ingredients is an essential part of cooking from the hip, and it is for precisely that reason that you will not find many exact measurements or photographic instructions.  do your best, and i’ll help you out along the way with tips and recommendations.


  • chilled tofu
  • devocadoed eggs
  • garlic konnyaku stirfry
  • japanese fried spring rolls
  • osaka-style okonomiyaki
  • red bell pepper, garlic, and béchamel crostini
  • smoked chicken, pesto, and shiitake crostini
  • smoked salmon, avocado, and onion crostini
  • torigara tofu
  • washoku canapé

grains / starches

  • garlic sweet potato mash
  • kimchi mentaiko pasta
  • pelmeni
  • shiso pesto and salmon pasta


  • glass noodles salad
  • goma-maguro salad
  • guacamole (poor man style)
  • korean-style russian carrot salad
  • poor man’s cobb salad
  • reishabu
  • salat olivier
  • sashimi salad


  • the baekje triple
  • chopped spinach and chicken grinder
  • italian (non)beef
  • roasted veggie italian club
  • the red club
  • the voyager
  • the yamato triple


  • cheap man’s chashu
  • japanese tuna ceviche
  • kara-age
  • poor man’s pulled chicken

sauces / spreads

  • five-spice chicken gravy
  • garlic cream sauce
  • hawaiian-style teriyaki
  • lebaneh
  • red bell pepper cream sauce
  • tomato marsala sauce
  • tzatziki
  • shiso pesto
  • spicy dark chocolate mole
  • spicy mango sauce with fresh mint

soups / stews

  • creamy tomato-basil
  • kabocha cream chicken keema
  • potato bacon and leek chowder
  • raging lamb curry

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