when you live on a glorious peninsula (like i do), it behooves you to take advantage of all the awesome stuff going on around you.  whether i am going out drinking on the weekends, eating at local restaurants, hanging out in the bamboo forest, picking fruits or veggies, fishing, smoking meats, or attending local festivals, i do my best to take part in the action.

remember, cooking is just one way to contextualize your lifestyle.  spending all day every day in the kitchen is no fun.  get out, get some fresh air, make some new friends, and climb a mountain,  as we say in our neck of the woods, “izu no problem.”  just be active.

here are a few links to help you out.  live in my area?  well, then shoot me a comment and maybe we can party izu-style.  live super far away?  that’s okay, you can always bounce some ideas off me if you are looking to plan an adventure any time soon.

the homepage for izu english running club.  we run, we speak english, and we occasionally jump in rivers or play frisbee.  what more could you ask for?

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