why pmk?

pmklogo2have you ever seen iron chef?  i love iron chef.  they get the best chefs from all walks of life and gather them together in a huge “kitchen stadium,” play dramatic music, and have culinary showdowns using ritzy ingredients.  shaved black truffle, foie gras, filet mignon, aged cheeses, squab, shark fin and all kinds of other beautiful delicacies make their way into the cooking.

i like to watch the hour-long episode (cheering all the while for the chef i want to win) on the edge of my seat, biting my nails during the judging portion.  when they pass the verdict, i invariably boo or affirm the judges’ decision in a very vocal manner.  and then i get up and go back to my normal life.

it is at about this point that i realize i don’t live in kitchen stadium.  i live in a tiny apartment with one room.  my kitchen has an electric stove with two burners and a temperature control that consists of four buttons (labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively).  i don’t have any shaved black truffle or foie gras or filet mignon.  i have eggs, pasta, chicken, bread, onions, and garlic on hand.

and that is what my blog is all about.

i don’t have the financial means to make foods commonly recognized as “delicacies,” so i make my own.  i use produce from my friend’s farms when i can, and go fishing on occasion, but other than that i buy all of my groceries at the local grocery store.  the point of this blog is show you that, with nothing more than common foods, a little bit of time, and your own imagination, you can live a life chock-full of filling, beautiful, and delicious food.

and you can share that life with others, which is what it is really all about.  have friends over, drink a little wine or a few beers, and cook up a storm.  the comradery and hard work will make the food taste better than you ever could have imagined.

stop in every tuesday, thursday, and sunday and i’ll do my best to give you some weird stories, a few tasty recipes, and maybe even a chuckle or two.

2 thoughts on “why pmk?

  1. Love the concept of this blog, man. Just because your wallet doesn’t allow you to just buy the best stuff doesn’t mean that a little searching and kitchen-work won’t yield similar results!

    • when the writer of “man fuel” comments that he likes my blog concept, i can’t help but grin like a fool.

      i dedicate most of my life to making man food, so it means so much to hear you say that. love your blog, dude. you give us guys something to aspire to.

      you mentioned on your about page that you were second generation? where were your parents from? i thought maybe greece (what with the exquisite kofta, dolmades, tzadziki, and lamb-based recipes).

      my pops is from the ukraine, so i am a second genny, too.

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