a brief bio

who am i?

my name is misha.  any more information than that would ruin the air of suspense and thrill.  besides, chances are that if you read my blog, you know exactly who i am.

what i can tell you, however, are some details about where i live and what i do.

i am a teacher of english living in the mystical land of japan.  i live in shizuoka prefecture, on a glorious peninsula called izu.  i walk out my front door every morning and am instantly greeted by the tenacious mt. fuji.  i spend my weekends in japanese-style hot springs, visiting waterfalls, hiking the local mountains, and cooking in my kitchen (and just about anywhere i can).  and boozing.  lots and lots of boozing.

i have been studying japanese for almost nine years now, and everyday i spend here is filled with beautiful landscapes, awesome adventures, and abundant sampling of some of the tastier things that nature has to offer.

in my spare time, i love to read history and translate literature, especially haiku.

but enough about me.  this blog is for you.  peruse the pages, abuse the recipes, and impress everyone you know.  i forgive you for not telling them you got it here.  just knowing that your house guests are drooling over your cooking is enough to satisfy me.

16 thoughts on “a brief bio

  1. Happy to find your blog this morning! All the way from Seattle Washington. Actually found your blog through “lovethesecretingredient” potato salad post. You have a great palate and I’m going to peruse your recipes. Nice.

    • seattle? oh buddy, i’m jealous. maybe when i come back to the states i’ll have to stop by your city for a snack.

      thanks for popping in and offering such glowing praise, it really means a lot to me. i’m going to do my best to cook a few of your recipes in the near future, too.

  2. Hi so I am living in Japan and I just hitting some hard times with money. I only got about 1500 yen on me ( I can pull a little bit more like 1000) but I need to spread this out for a month what kind or recipes would you think is good for me?

    • head to your local grocery store and pick up some curry roux. the top valu brand will run you about 100 yen. buy some potatoes, some onions, and cheap chicken, and you can make a super hearty meal for about 50 yen per serving.

  3. Love your food philosophy and anonymity. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As you have probably guessed I adore Japan and visit often. You’re absolutely right you can learn a lot about a person just by reading their blog.

    • thanks jen, that means a lot coming from you!

      yeah, i have very little dignity when it comes to music references. i have yet to find a way to work 80s hair metal music into a post, but we shall see. ;)

  4. I love your recipes. I am looking forward in trying the many different recipes you have on your blog. They all look so delicious. I will definitely be visiting you from time to time.

    • thanks! let me know how they turn out.

      if you have any suggestions for how improve my recipes, feel free to let me know. i’m always looking for ways to make my cooking better.

    • thanks nicole, it seems like you’re quite the culinary go-getter yourself.

      words can’t describe how amazing izu is. that being said, like my buddy always says, “anywhere you choose to live is the best place you’ve ever lived.” the location doesn’t make the fun all on its own; getting out there, learning your area, and seeking out the stuff you love is what makes it magical.

      please visit one day. japan is waiting for you.

    • japanese and russian major, but equally obscure and not particularly useful.

      yeah, you should see my other ones. the flying squirrel suit even has webbing between the arms and legs.

      • Ahem. I was an english major and its hellah useful, you know when I need to discuss Lacan and Sassure’s influences on Zizek.

        Ohhh man, webbing? That’s so hardcore. I bet you could start a squirrel colony with that. Great protector of squirrels, and then you could teach them to speak Russian. Nothing is more terrifying than a squirrel flying at your face yelling at you in Russian.

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