ex-pat to plain ol’ patriot: the american south as a foreign land.


oh my, there has been a lot in transition.

its hard to believe i’ve been away from pmk for a little over a year now.  i don’t want to bore you with the details, so i’ll just rattle them all off as fast as i can.

moved back to america.  adopted a dog that looks like a pokemon.  got a job at a corporate market firm on a complete whim.  moved to nashville tennessee with the company four months later.  became a whiz at getting people to buy things they didn’t need or want.  made some fat stacks, but felt bad.  quit like a boss.  got engaged to the love of my life after 8.5 years of dating.  decided to come on back to the poor man’s kitchen.  almost everything about my life has changed in some regard, but the pmk is still my home on the internet.

it is worth noting at this point that, although i haven’t been posting, i have been cooking up a storm since i left the far east.  i’ve departed the fish-laden shores of japan and come to a land far more bizarre than i ever could have imagined.

the south.  or maybe souf.  i’m not sure how its pronounced, that seems to be the way the locals say it.

the food here is magical in its own way, and over the past eight months i’ve learned to embrace it.  the “meat and three” concept makes up for its unimaginative name by being pretty darn delicious.  soul food restaurants and tiny tex-mex joints litter the culinary landscape.  hot chicken rubbed with enough spices it is dangerous to put your hands near your eyes, which is inevitable because of the tears streaming down your face.  collard greens, whatever those are.

people down here talk about things like deep-fried beer and aren’t sure whether or not it is a travesty.  you can’t buy liquor on sundays and grocery stores don’t carry wine.  every road is a highway and nobody can drive.  there is a festival in memphis next week in which 84 tons of pork will be consumed over the course of three days.

i’m scared.  but excited.

pmk is going through a drastic change and i’m dragging you guys along for the ride.  goodbye fresh fish straight out of the ocean, hello whole roast chickens.  less teriyaki, more barbecue.  the return of cheese.  and believe it or not, i even have an oven (note the conspicuous lack of the word “toaster”).

more to come,

the poor man


14 thoughts on “ex-pat to plain ol’ patriot: the american south as a foreign land.

  1. so great to hear from you pmk – and totally understand the break from posting due to transition. I’ve been the same – also almost a year since I last posted. Look forward to hearing more!

    • thanks, nina! i just felt like exploring some new things and taking my life down a completely different path. some things worked out and some didn’t, but rest assured, pmk will be back for a while.

      can’t wait to read your new stuff. ;)

    • thanks! the whole marriage planning this is pretty darn stressful, but at least the food is going to be good (even if i have to cook it myself).

      the south is pretty exciting. i’m very interested in trying to find some good down-home death-hastening foods to tweak into heart healthy meals.

      thanks for cheering me on along the way. your comment asking where i had gone was the straw that broke the camel’s back. once i saw it, i had to get back on those interwebs.

  2. Good to hear from you, old chap! I’ve surely missed your spice of character this side of the blogosphere. Sounds like you’ve been on a ride indeed. Hopefully things are settling down a tad on your new road. Nashville? Who would have thought! At least you ought to find some good BBQ in them parts.

    Take care, man, and good to see you back in the game!

    • thanks, man. there is barbecue abound, almost everywhere you go. i’ve discovered some pretty good ones, and i haven’t been here for a year yet.

      they love their pork down here, so i’ve been brushing up on my roasting skills. since i moved, i’ve whipped up a few 8 lb pork loins that came out beautifully. i’m gonna put up a few recipes soon that would make you proud.

    • i have had the honor of eating a mess of crayfish, but now i need find a place that sources them so i can make them at home.

      my fiancé has two large southern ladies she works with who are very keen on coming over to show us how “us southerners” cook. i’m pretty darn excited, i think étouffée is one of their specialities.

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