diced! finals: go big or go home.

it looks like i made it to the finals of the diced! cooking competition on Rantings of an Amateur Chef, and that means i have a shot at the gold.  while i am the underdog, i can almost taste the victory.

then again, it might just be the leftovers of the super delicious recipe i came up with for my submission.  for the final round, all the contestants had to create a dessert using brown sugar, coffee, and bananas.  i ended up making a bacon, coffee, and banana frozen custard from scratch (no ice cream maker, mind you!).

and so, i call upon you, my faithful readers, to help me go big or go home.  i can only win with your votes, so if you have the time, click on the link for my recipe above and cast your vote on the left hand side.  your support has gotten me this far, and with just one more little push, it might be able to take me all the way to the top.

as always, thanks for helping a little poor man feel like a culinary king.

5 thoughts on “diced! finals: go big or go home.

  1. This sounds really good (but I’d leave out the whole coffee beans – I’d be buzzed all day and night!). Is the texture different from ice cream? It looks very smooth.

    • yeah, it is super different. the recipe uses eggs, so it is way more creamy/custardy. if regular ice cream is like edy’s, my ice cream is closer to coldstone creamery.

      it is smooth and elastic enough that you can’t even really get a good scoop. honestly, i bet it would make amazing milkshakes, but i have yet to try it.

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