diced! (and shameless vote grubbing).

hey there, pmk readers.

i’ve been a good blogger over the past few months, haven’t i?  i’ve never asked you to do anything that might make you question my moral scruples, right?  we get along already, don’t we?  i’ve shown you all kinds of recipes.  you’ve given me all kinds of great feedback and comments.  i’ve thrown joke after crappy joke your direction.  together, we’ve transformed pmk into a budding, goofy, readable cooking blog.

in fact, i’ve gotten so almost-popular that i’m in a cooking competition for the first time ever.  the competition is called diced! and it is being hosted on Rantings of an Amateur Chef.  for round one, the competitors were asked to make an appetizer out of corn, corn flakes, and corned beef.  i thought long and hard, cooked my recipes, took some photos, and sent it into the fray to represent me in this culinary showdown.  i personally think it came out amazing.

but sadly, no matter how good my recipe looks or tastes, in the end it is the votes that count.  so i have a favor to ask of all your followers out there: pop on by Rantings of an Amateur Chef, scroll to the bottom of my recipe for inverted cumberland mini-pies, click on the tiny little like button, and tune in on the december 7th to cast your vote to keep me in the competition.

thanks guys, i owe you one.


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