Diced!: Misha – Inverted Cumberland Mini-Pies

guess what?

i’m participating in my first ever cooking competition. the showdown is titled “diced!” (named for its food network counterpart, “chopped!”), and it is being hosted on none other than the illustrious Rantings of an Amateur Chef. i am one of six participants.

here’s the part where i need your help. the four contestants who get the most votes on the polls move on to the next round. it would be absolutely excellent if i could be one of those four. so if you have the time and feel like extolling the virtues of pmk, swing on by Rantings of an Amateur Chef, like my post, and tune in on the 7th this month to cast your vote for me.

thanks in advance!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Today we have an entrant for the first course of the Diced! competition. Contestants were instructed to create or find a recipe for an appetizer, soup or salad containing the following ingredients: Corned Beef, Canned Corn, and Corn Flakes. They were instructed to make their dish and create a blog post about it, including pictures. You can help determine who advances to the next round. After the last post, I will post a poll where you can vote for contestants to move on. Vote for the post you like the best. You can vote because of the inventiveness, the yummyness, the use of ingredients, the quality of the writing and pictures or for any other reason. The poll will be active for one week only. Check back and vote. In the event of a tie, the Ranting Chef will choose who advances. More information about Diced! can be found 

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