the little things.


we could all learn a lesson or two from our good friend the snail.

last weekend, while i looking after two grills, my friend reiko was washing dishes and found this little dude hanging out in the sink.  she hates snails, so she freaked out and called me over to take him off of the pot he was clinging to.

but let’s be honesty, here.  snails don’t hurt anybody.  they don’t have stress in their lives.  they don’t even understand the concept of stress.  they just chug along from one place to the next without a care in the world.  and if they happen to get caught in a place they shouldn’t be and flung into the woods or a nearby bush, they don’t hold any grudges.

i think sometimes we get so wrapped in the big, grand schemes in life that we forget to live it up.  don’t ever let yourself become a victim of your own humdrum, hard-and-fast routine.  take some time out every day to appreciate the little things (like this snail i felt the insatiable need to photograph) and they will provide you with a much needed breath of fresh air.

and don’t forget to go adventuring as often as you can.  even if it is the comfort of your own home, do something new every day.  if you feel like clinging to the bottom of a pot you don’t own in a sink you have never been to before, go ahead and cling.

happy cooking, and have a great (see: tiny, adventurous) day.

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