currying favor: a call for recipes.

curry is a fantastic food precisely because of how vague it is.  a curry is, at its core, just a series of spices blended in different quantities, which means the variations are actually limitless.  sri lankan black curries, thai red and green curries, indian yellow curries, and japanese brown curries are all extremely different, and each delicious in their own right.  which is to say nothing of the myriad dishes that include curry seasoning without becoming a stew served with nan or rice.

i guess what i am trying to say is that i love curry.

how about you?  do you love curry?  well then, show it.

curry week is only half over.  which is to say, i still have three more days to make as many different delicious curries as i can.  let me know your favorite curry dishes right here in the comments section on pmk.  remember, anything curry goes.  salads with curry spices, curry marinated meats, curry pizzas, or just good old fashioned curries are all acceptable.  i’m curious what you guys get up to in your kitchens on your days off.

3 thoughts on “currying favor: a call for recipes.

    • i’m not normally big on vegetarian food, but this looks pretty dang good. i might leave out the nuts (because they are hard to find and super expensive here), but otherwise i gotta give this a go.

      • It’s pretty awesome. And the potatoes should be hearty enough for you, oh manliness!

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